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VIN: 50HEG2429P1108693

Condition: NEW

Year: 2023

Manufacturer: Norstar Ironbull

Model: ETG

Floor Length: 24’

Width: 83”

Weight: 4020

GVWR: 14000

Payload Capacity: 9980

Axle Capacity: Axles 2 X 7000 lb

Color: Black

Iron Bull Gooseneck Equipment Trailer

  • At Topar, we take pride in being the premier Trailer Dealer in southern Colorado. Our goal is to assist you in transporting your tractor to its destination efficiently and affordably. Here are some suggestions we provide for the safe transportation of your newly purchased tractor.




    At Topar, we advise our customers to pick up their tractors from our location in Trinidad, Colorado. However, if that's not possible, we have other options available for you to consider. 




    For local deliveries in Colorado, we have local delivery drivers available who charge $1.95/mile one way as of July 2023. You can also reach out to Hot-Shots in your area who need backhauls to your location for an even more affordable price. If you need assistance in estimating the distance between our location at 13747 HWY 350, Trinidad, CO 81082 and your destination, you can check Google Maps.




    For long-distance deliveries, we recommend visiting There, you can find trucking companies and other shipping service providers who bid for backhauls and can help arrange the pick-up and delivery of your order from Topar. We've seen customers receive great deals for transporting their orders using uShip.




    Please note that Topar does not handle delivery services. Any charges incurred for delivery or transportation services for your purchase must be paid directly to the hired business or service, not to Topar. Additionally, all items must be paid in full before leaving our facility.

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